December Playlist

My favorite songs this month



take each day one at a time but don’t remain dormant because if you’re not moving forwards you moving backwards.

Cat Call

Imagine this  Waking up in a good mood feeling good about yourself. And naturally when you feel good about yourself your choices in clothing are reflective of that. After feeling good about yourself and wearing what makes you happy. I don’t know about you but I think I’d like to feel that way everyday.  To…

London Fashion Week Roundup

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by London Fashion Week. I usually don’t find it as my favourite but I was proved otherwise.

Great Expectations

As this year comes to a close I am finding that I frequently spend time reflecting on the year. And as I reflect on this year I must admit it hasn’t been what I had hoped for. And I don’t say this with regret IΒ 

New York Fashion Week Roundup

After New York Fashion Week a month ago I was left inspired. I felt as excited for the near future with the way I will interpret the trends into my own wardrobe

No Regrets?

I must admit that regret plays a reoccurring role in my mind and at times it hinders me from performing well which I in turn regret.

No Regrets?

Sometimes I take a moment to stop and reflect. And a common theme of reflection for me is how I’ve changed or remained the same over the past few days, months or years. And when I look back at the state of various aspects of my life it is almost second nature for me to…


An assortment of pieces which are too easy to throw on on those lazier days.

August Playlist

This month my top picks in music are all over the place. Ranging from soft RnB to Futeristic EDM and pop hits.


Didnt we all think that life would be one big fairytale moment. With a huge makeover in the end? A prince charming maybe? Honestly I dont need or want that. Maybe I should just say that I dont desire that. I want to be something else. I want to be a strong confident and independant…