Milan Fashion Week Roundup


This year the collections were very different but they had a few similar aspects. Such as the use of belts seen in Alberta Ferretti, Prada and Fausto Puglisi. Another common element is oversized pieces as seen Alberta Ferretti and Fausto Puglisi.

                Alberta Ferretti

A mixture romantic silhouettes and tailored suits both contributred to this shows success. Floaty dresses and multi layered skirts adorned this runway. Even the tailored suits had an aspect of romanticism with their delicate lace detailing. Everything look was completed by a stack of leather belts. Which made a strong contrast between the feminine dresses and skirts. Overall one of my favourite collections that took layering of belts to the next level.

                   Fausto Puglisi 

Oversized pieces with patterned prints was one of the biggest themes in this runway show.Puglisi also threw in denim detailing to add to the collection. Similar to Alberta Ferretti the models wore leather belts that complemented their outfits.


Modern elegance are the words that I would use to describe the show. From the way that the pieces were layered to the fur detailing. This show was definitely elegant and I could easily see these styles integrated into commercial fashion next year. A small factor that adds to the overall success of the collection.


The fun factor that this collection provided is unreal. The bright bold colours mixed with vertical and horizontal lines could not have any other outcome. Even the makeup radiated fun through a graphic lip design. This collection felt fun and happy but most importantly it looked put together and cohesive.


 A dream from the 70’s is how Gucci felt to me. Classic styles from the 70’s like bell bottom pants, huge sunglasses and pantsuit were revisited but in a more dark romanticism way.Deep v neck and detailed embroidered items frequently appeared in this collection. This was one of favourite shows and Gucci seems to continue in their large social impact. 


This collection was heavily influenced by sportswear. The drawstring, nylon park’s and racing checks all reflect sportswear. Even with this heavy emphasis on sportswear Donatella still managed to bring an element of sexiness to the collection.


Cat Call

Imagine this 

Waking up in a good mood feeling good about yourself. And naturally when you feel good about yourself your choices in clothing are reflective of that. After feeling good about yourself and wearing what makes you happy. I don’t know about you but I think I’d like to feel that way everyday. 
To be happy with yourself and to reflect that through your clothing. But imagine that you go out to the mall a restaurant a garage(gas station). And you get walk whistles, cat called whatever you call it. You would loose your confidence and become self conscious. It would be a terrible feeling. These type of events can sometimes scar people for life and change the way they view themselves in a negative way. That’s why just want to say think twice before you cat call.