London Fashion Week Roundup

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by London Fashion Week. I usually don’t find it as my favourite but I was proved otherwise. The shows were innovative, stylish and completely wearable. This has been on of my favourite London Fashion Weeks.


This season Preen took more of a dark and gothic approach. From the chunky shoes tho the ripped black pants Preen portrayed the romantic gothic perfectly. The small ruffled details and the differently shaped silhouettes made this collection unforgettable and one of my favourites.

                      Paul Smith One of my favourite aspects of Paul Smith is the amazing suits. They have a masculine fell but with a feminine twist. I think the oversized aspect makes the suit incredibly feminine and it also makes it easier to wear as an everyday outfit.


Uniform street style. Three words I would use to describe Versus. The collection was filled with multiple monochromatic outfits. The show just felt cool. With the belt design as a top and on the shoes this collection was incredibly successful.

Oversized staples were a huge highlight of Mulberrys collection. The collection has a luxurious look and Johnny Coca plays with various deep rich colours. Mixed with stripes and beading this collect is great.

              House of Holland

Western chic, who knew plaid could so fashionable. And that why I applaud Henry for his inventive use of plaid. The layering to the mesh pieces this collection was definitely one of my favourites.


Great Expectations

As this year comes to a close I am finding that I frequently spend time reflecting on the year. And as I reflect on this year I must admit it hasn’t been what I had hoped for. And I don’t say this with regret I may have made mistakes this year but I do not regret anything.

 I often think back to my happiest and most victorious moments of the year and they brig a feeling of pride and contentment to me. But when I think about the moments when I might not have made the best choices I accept them with the mindset of knowing that beating myself up about those choices and the result of those choices as a whole. 

So if I had to say something about the year so far I would say that’s it has been a learning experience. I have begun things in my life which I am incredibly proud of such as this blog. And I have started thinking about my future and what that means to me.

 I’ve learnt so much in this short space of 10 months. I extremely excited for what’s to come next.

Jacket- Levis

Top- Cotton On

Jeans- Mr Price

Shoes- Vans

New York Fashion Week Roundup

After New York Fashion Week a month ago I was left inspired. I felt as excited for the near future with the way I will interpret the trends into my own wardrobe. NYFW might be over but this is not the last time we will see these trends and with many designers adopting the see now buy now model many more customers will be wearing the trends earlier.

               Proenza Schouler

 Proenza Schouler truly stunned this seanon. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by their almost technological approach to traditional tribal ideas. Vibrant colour was a main aspect of their show mixed with wide neck chokers and tribal inspired earrings the result is an amazing collection.


Tough girls reign with coach. Not only was the tough girl idea featured in all of the looks but coach seemed to remarkably contrast the tough girl aspect with floral dresses and fringe bags. Models walked down th he runway emitting this air of constant tough girl through out the show from the over sized leather jackets to the studded shoes this collection has was the epitome of cool girl clothing.


Urbanwear deluxe is represented at public school. From the sock boots and the distressed sweaters to the transparent hooded coat this collection screams street wear. The public school boys have impressed with this rugged urban show. 

Tom Ford

Tom Ford has impressed.The extravagant coats are the epitome of luxury.The collection is classy, timeless and incredibly strong. I especially love the coats they seem like the perfect item to complete any outfit.

Opening Ceremony

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armsien were the official hosts of opening ceremony. They proved banter, humour and commentary to the “pageant of the people” that highlighted issues such as the importance of voting. The clothes featured an inspiring use of ruffles and different colours.

Marc Jacobs

Daydream delight represented by Marc Jacobs. The collection and its overwhelming 1970s look is far too loveable. The girly daydream aspect of the show is strongly contrasted by the colourful dreadlocks worn by each model.


Oversized outerwear was my favourite from the many ideas shown in yeezy. The military feel of the collection was captivating with the usage of his mostly neutral colours idea. Kanye has revolutionized as the nude can exist in more than one shade.

V Files

V files and ground zero in particular was one of my favourite shows. From its clear relation to the 90s  to the extreme Japanese influence the collection. This show was a huge success to me.



HBA brought out street wear with a twist.Their baggy pants paired with their amazing t shirts just works so well together. HBA created an atmosphere of urban street and it works incredibly well.

Vera Wang

Another show that made use of baggy clothing. Vera Wang showcased a beautifully simple collection. Feathering off the shoulders and extremely long sleeves creates a classical look that I more than enjoy.


Soft, elegant and girly are the words I would use to describe rodartes collection. The use ruffled lace and soft colours automatically remind me of  The 1800s but Rodarte made the show both relevant and easy to wear. Which I admire.

Alexander Wang

Casual cool as I would describe this show. The amazing lacing around the stomach is definitely going to be a huge trend. This show is also very wearable and incredibly versatile. 

I admire the use of colour and how the look all seem cohesive.
That’s all for New York.Stay tuned for more.- Tapiwa
All edits by me.