August Playlist

This month my top picks in music are all over the place. Ranging from soft RnB to Futeristic EDM and pop hits. I cant really explain why some of my favourite songs this month consist ofso many genres. But I really don’t mind.

A few months ago I discovered an artist called Nav. And this month I searched deeper into his body of work. And I must say I really enjoy his music with each song better than the last. I strongly recommend him my favourite song of his right now is The man.

Along with Nav I have some Travis Scott and Dapurr one of my favourite artists that I discovered on sound cloud.
Which I also recommend.




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Didnt we all think that life would be one big fairytale moment. With a huge makeover in the end? A prince charming maybe? Honestly I dont need or want that. Maybe I should just say that I dont desire that.

I want to be something else. I want to be a strong confident and independant woman. With the rise of the girl boss and woman taking on more and more leadership positions. Positions where we actually get credit for what we do.

And obviously there are still many obstacles woman still face but I feel that it is and is going to get better and a large part of this improvemant is the development of the girl boss.

Recently we celebrated the 60th anniversary of woman’s day in South Africa to commemorate the women’s march to the union building to fight for womens rights. Women of all races joined together a true moment in history.

Those events make me think about what type of woman’s I want tk be. What gender stereotypes do I want to stop. What exanple do I want to set.

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Choker- DIY

Top- Mrp

Coat- Vintage

Jeans- Mrp