Great Expectations

As this year comes to a close I am finding that I frequently spend time reflecting on the year. And as I reflect on this year I must admit it hasn’t been what I had hoped for. And I don’t say this with regret I may have made mistakes this year but I do not regret anything.

 I often think back to my happiest and most victorious moments of the year and they brig a feeling of pride and contentment to me. But when I think about the moments when I might not have made the best choices I accept them with the mindset of knowing that beating myself up about those choices and the result of those choices as a whole. 

So if I had to say something about the year so far I would say that’s it has been a learning experience. I have begun things in my life which I am incredibly proud of such as this blog. And I have started thinking about my future and what that means to me.

 I’ve learnt so much in this short space of 10 months. I extremely excited for what’s to come next.

Jacket- Levis

Top- Cotton On

Jeans- Mr Price

Shoes- Vans


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