No Regrets?

Sometimes I take a moment to stop and reflect. And a common theme of reflection for me is how I’ve changed or remained the same over the past few days, months or years. And when I look back at the state of various aspects of my life it is almost second nature for me to regret something I did. I must admit that regret plays a reoccurring role in my mind and at times it hinders me from performing well which I in turn regret. It can all become a reoccurring theme and it can even consume you fully. And as someone who lived a regret full life I would recommend you to stop take a second , minute or even a couple of days to accept. Accept your past don’t fight it and wish to change it. It has already happened and focusing the smallest amount of energy on the past is a waste. It has already happened focus your energy on the future. Think of what your life will be not could’ve been. This advice might seem strange when paired with an outfit post and in all honesty I have no way of linking the two. I hope that in those moments when regret creeps in you remember that the past can only hold you back if you let it.

Choker- DIY

Knit Sweater- Cotton On

Knee Socks- Boohoo

Shoes- Cotton On


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