Terrified Turtleneck

2016-06-16 05.44.57 1

For most of my adolescent life I was completely and totally opposed to any type of turtleneck. Im not quite sure of where my incredible hatred of turlenecks stemmed from but everytime that I wore, thought about and saw a turtleneck I immediately felt uncomfortable.

But in todays ever changing buisness of fashion and trends the poloneck has been quite constant yet ever changing and evolving. And being somone who is always open to expirementing with fashion I fiugrrd that I might as well try the trend out and see if turtlenecks were as good as they seem.

This knit top is the result of my built up curiosity towards the poloneck trend. And the veridict is that polonecks arent that bad. They keep your neck considerably warm on colder days but unbarably hot on warmer days.

But that is just a question of where you draw the line between style and comfort. And with this purchase I think I’ve broadened my horizons. By trying a trend that I have always been sceptical about. So you can imagine how it feels to conquer somewhat of a lifelong fear.

I find it resfreshing to play around with something different to my normal knitwear choices.
So I leave you with this what have you been too afraid or sceptical to wear and why is that? Don’t let your fears dictate your style.

Much love


2016-06-16 05.44.28 1.jpg

2016-06-16 05.44.31 1.jpg

2016-06-16 05.45.10 1.jpg

2016-06-16 05.44.30 2

Beanie- Vintage ; Coat- Vintage ; Knit Top- Cotton On ; Jeans- Mrp ; Shoes- Boohoo



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