Autumn Essentials: Buckle Belts, Skinny Scarfs and Chokers

Autumn as I previously mentioned in my last Autumn essentials post is one of my favorite season’s. And this Autumn has been suspiciously warmer than last (fingers crossed for a cold winter). So this week’s edition will have warmer seasons in mind so these can apply for spring fashion as well.

                Buckle Belts

I’m really loving the whole 70s trend right now and honestly buckle belts fit perfectly with that. These almost western style belts come with both one and two buckles which can be paired with items like jeans to rompers. This belt from express  is both cute and stylish and will add that extra bit of western glamour to any outfit.


They basically go with next to anything. A large reason why I love them so mush .This double buckle belt from asos is a bit more western to me but its a lot more versatile than a single buckle belt.


               Skinny Scarves

I’m a real sucker for a good skinny scarf. And I love that skinny scarves come in different colours and patterns but I guess that I’m also a sucker for a plain skinny scarf. But you can defiantly go for a scarf with a pattern to jazz up any outfit. This scarf from Nordstrom is a great variation of the classic black skinny scarf with a bit of class.


But as I said I still love a plain black skinny scarves and this scarf from river island is a great example of a plain black skinny scarf. The thing that I love the most about black skinny scarves is that they look great with literally any outfit.



Chokers have been my favorite accessory since they popped back into the scene around 2014. Since then I can’t remember not wearing a choker around my neck. From the small and dainty Chokers to the large and in charge Chokers, Chokers always seem to add a bit of edge to EVERY outfit. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of metallic Chokers and I must say that I absolutely love this trend. This metallic choker from Erikson Beamon is absolutely stunning. A real showstopper type of choker that adds instant glamour.


This plain black choker from Asos is definitely more practical than the previous choker. But it still has that grunge factor.



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